The Beautiful Truth:  Banbury Postiche proud sponsors!

At Banbury Postiche we are passionate that more hairdressers and hair loss sufferers have increased access to information surrounding hair loss solutions.  We believe education is the key to helping the ever-increasing number of people in the UK who are suffering with some form of hair loss and when we were approached to become involved as key sponsors of The Beautiful Truth Campaign, we couldn’t have been more delighted and offered to host the initial meeting session here at Banbury.
What is The Beautiful Truth Campaign?
To kick start the campaign, the talented team of hair experts will work on a ‘real-life’ photo shoot to bring together a variety of hair loss sufferers (men and women) to have a complete transformation using added hair solutions.    Banbury Postiche are delighted to have provided these solutions to allow the team of experts are working to promote the fact that hair health is a common issue, it affects people from all walks of life and does not need to be perceived in such a medical and ugly way.  Ann Fegan has many years of experience and a With the correct solution , the end result can be life changing and incredibly beautiful.
How will you benefit from the campaign?
The Beautiful Truth Campaign demonstrates how trichologists, hairdressers and hair health should all work in harmony with their specific areas of expertise. Throughout 2018 there will be opportunities for salons and stylists to be educated on safe, complimentary added hair solutions.  Whether you attend a recommended Hair Health Seminar or join The Beautiful Truth Campaign Community Group On Facebook, the aim is to guide you in the right direction and support you in offering offer a Hair Health Service and support your clients who have hair health issues.

How can you become involved in the campaign?
If you are a hairdresser or salon owner who would like to know more information or you would like to benefit from group discussions, advice, tips and case studies, please phone 01295 757 400 to apply to be added to The Beautiful Truth Campaign Community Group on Facebook. Search The Beautiful Truth Campaign Closed Group in your Facebook search bar and apply to join.