Iain Sallis is one of the leading Trichologists in the UK, specialises in hair loss issues and is the founder of the Hairmedic Trichology clinics located in eleven private clinics throughout the country. Member of several main Trichological societies/Institutes, the European Hair Research Society and The Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Iain is co-founder of Hairmedic Solutions, a product company, IST Consultancy, a Trichological consultancy

As well as being the Co-founder of The International Trichology Congress an educational platform for Trichologists, Hair Surgeons, Biologists and Chemists with an interest in hair and current chair of the Trichology Professional Development programme, a group which is dedicated to spearheading radical changes in the way Trichologists are educated and received by the wider healthcare profession.

Iain Sallis Trichology